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5 Safest Cities To Visit In Nigeria

A number of tourists hesitate to plan a trip to Nigeria because of crime activities cropping up in the country. Most of the travelers consider Nigeria to be the worst country to visit; however, it is actually become safer with thousands of tourists visiting each year.

There are a few cities in Nigeria that are absolutely safe to visit as high security measures are provided to them by the government. The cities are selected on the basis on these factors: no violent crime, no kidnapping, no religious crises and low level of street crimes. The residents in these cities are comfortable. The infrastructure of these cities is great and the buildings and roads are well developed.

Here are the 5 safest cities to visit in Nigeria:


1. Lagos

Lagos looks over crowded; however, it is still the safest city in Nigeria. The government of Nigeria invests lots of money on its security. The police cars patrol around the city and various other security measures are taken to keep the city safe. Every year, thousands of tourists visit the city and they appear to be at ease anytime they visit the city. The city has wonderful parks, environmental supporters and exceptionally welcoming people.





2. Calabar

Calabar is often considered as a paradise for people, with lots of attractive places to visit. Calabar has recently experience substantial increase in population. The city is prospering economically and the tourism is growing. The exclusive design of the city strengthens its development and security. Many of expatriates are residing in Calabar because of the high level of security, peaceful and conductive environment provided by the government in the city.


3. Abuja

The capital of Nigeria, Abuja is reputed for its well designed architectural buildings and clean environment. It is the home to the president of Nigeria and every law maker in the country. Abuja is one place where tourists have nothing to worry about when it comes to security. The CCTV cameras are installed all over the city and mobile policemen can also been see patrolling around the city.


4. Ibadan

The Nigerian city Ibadan is the centre of the Pan Yoruba race. Ibadan is well-structured and very peaceful. Ibadan is just a 45 minute drive away from Lagos; tourists who visit Ibadan can easily travel to the commercial center of Nigeria.



5. Uyo

Uyo is a laid back city having rapid developmental growth. It is located in the Niger Delta area of Nigeria. A significant number of expatriates reside in this city. The government of Nigeria has allocated a huge amount of budget to take care of the security issues in the area. The crimes are tackled properly, police is well equipped and also the soldiers ensure the safety of the residents and tourists. Uyo is blessed with scenic attractions, stunning hotels and exclusive cuisines. The people are welcoming and friendly.

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