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travel to South Africa

7 reasons to travel to South Africa!

If you have a plan to travel to South Africa as next destination for vacations, you are moving in right direction. The landscape and atmosphere, adventure and wildlife, blend of history and modernity, safari and beach, are a few of alluring things that you will get to enjoy in South Africa. Here are the top 10 reasons why you should book a ticket to South Africa immediately:



travel to South Africa

  1. Escapade:

If you’re an adventurous person, travel to South Africa. It is the best place for you to be. Whether you’re fond of scuba diving or paragliding, hiking the wild coast or playing golf on mountain top, South Africa will quash all your thirst of adventure. Moreover you get a chance to surf and ride the ostrich which adds up more spice to whole experience. Safari parks and traveling across the cities adds more color to adventurous journey.




travel to South Africa

  1. Wildlife:

The first word that strikes the mind on hearing South Africa is wildlife, truly so. Kruger national park and number of other safari parks where you can get to see golden cheetahs, giraffes and all other precious species of wildlife. You can hire a car on your own or be part of tour group and travel across the gigantic national Kruger Park enjoying the beauty of park. Travel to South Africa to get the best wildlife experience.



travel to South Africa

  1. Beaches and the penguins:

Travel to South Africa to view the most beautiful beaches of the world. White sand beaches are something you cannot miss out on. The beaches offer you wide array of exotic cafes and restaurants, crystal white water making under water beauty easily visible, palm trees and beautiful huts where you can whiff away all the stress. Moreover, you can get a million-dollar sight of penguins hoping around the beaches. There are more than 4000 penguins and amazingly you can get to adopt a one or so for day.



travel to South Africa

  1. Journey through blue train:

It won’t be wrong if I call it the only journey in the world which is not tiring. The exquisite blue train offers 27 hours traveling from Capetown to Pretoria. It offers all the comfy suites and cozy spa and bathtubs for you to relax. It offers a shop selling diamonds and leisure-lounge where you can sip few drinks and enjoy tantalizing cuisines.


  1. No Language barrier:

Most of South Africans speak English fluently. You don’t have to bother explaining a taxi driver where to go or a waiter about cuisine you want as they could communicate in English easily. Although South Africa is multi lingual country, its populace knows English very well and this makes it more favorable for you to visit. You can travel to South Africa without any hesitation.

travel to South Africa

  1. Perfect Blend of History and Modernity:

Travel to South Africa to witness the perfect combination of its history and modernism which in turn evolved out of its rich history. This country enjoys one of the most mesmerizing histories of the world. Places such as Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg and constitutional court have reminiscing effect on tourists. You can learn hell a lot of country’s history while walking around these places. Additionally, cities of Capetown and Johannesburg present the image of modern world with state of the art infrastructure, entertainment and amenities. The buildings and the houses, the water front spaces and beautiful sceneries, the streets and the trendy restaurants, and high tech facilities are some of the things you will fall in love with in these cities.


travel to South Africa

  1. Wine and Food

Travel to South Africa to get access to the world’s best wine and food cuisines. With the world’s most renowned wine yards, it produces wine of premium quality. You can visit vineyards to enjoy beautiful sight and enjoy food at nearby restaurants. Moreover, South African cuisines have taste-n-touch of European and Asian cuisines so that opens you to wide array of dishes. You can try out their specialties such as seafood, BBQ cookery known as ‘Braii’, and ‘Biltong beef steak worth mentioning amongst others


Lastly, South Africa has turned into major tourist destination over the years. All of the above things allure tourists to experience this amazing place. Moreover, easy travelling procedures and attractive ticketing and journey planning has made the process convenient. So, travel to South Africa, because it’s totally worth it.