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African Best Beaches


From deliciously wild to breathtakingly picturesque Africa has some of the world’s best beaches and some of the most popular where the tourists wind up. After mentioning picturesque the beach that comes to mind is the Anse Source d’Argent, La Digue, Seychelles, which is world’s most photographed beach. The reason is because of its graphite rocks that ornate the white sand of the beach, not only that the turquoise water is surreal.16347360245_7aed2e78c4_k

Courtesy Jean-Marie Hullot

The jungle is the untamed, lush and green backdrop of the pictorial beach through which the graphite rocks peek at the blue, clear water whose waves wash the snowy sand. The wide stretch of an unspoiled beach adorns the south-western coast of Mahe called Anse Soleil, it is perfect to wind up here because of the beach being completely isolated from the rest of the world. A lush jungle is the backdrop of the beach so one can experience nature at an arm’s length, quite literally. There is a small café here to maximize the experience of the local cuisine as it serves fresh fish.

There is a beach called Nungwi which is to the north of Zanzibar in Tanzania that is quite bright because of its chalk white sand. It is also quite blue due to the clean waters that crash in small, continuous waves at the shore. The dhows are quite popular here because of how there white sails that fall in with the rest of the long stretch of white sand.

The Uvongo Beach is pretty busy because it does not only offer white sand and blue warm waters there are rocky pools that are not that deep so children can have fun swimming in them, it is safe in this regard as well. There is a waterfall at the base of which the tourists hang out in a pedal boat. It is sunny, the beach is an excellent hang out place also a family place because it is safe and tourist often hang out at the coast or tag along with the surfers.

A beach in Namibia has become popular amongst the travelers and tourists because of the wild life that they can witness up close. There are seals at the beaches as well as birds that often land at the coast to hang out with the seals. The beach has become a graveyard for the ship wrecks, its waters are not that deep and run shallow whilst being rocky. This beach is called the Skeleton beach. It is extremely popular for its haunted appearance, not only are there wrecks of ships there are skeletons and dunes of sand too.

There are one too many beaches to name as the most beautiful, most friendly, most crowded, most clean, most rushed or most picturesque thought the beach in Tunisia has something else to offer, it is Tunisia itself. The stunning chalk-white buildings with turquoise blue doors, the cobble stones and the fact that the town is situated on a hill top near the beach called Sidi Bou Said is intriguing.

African beaches are worth saving your money, Africa can seriously provide an experience to remember for the entire life, it could provide so much of variety during travel that it is definitely an act of having an encounter with a completely different world.

Featured Image Giorgio Montersino