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Amazing Road Trips around Douala

Douala has been striving hard to make its way into NY Times must-see destinations. It is the commercial hub and the largest city of Cameroon with over 3 million population. Nevertheless, it is not the political capital as urban development in this area went haywire –so it is more a place of colonizers. The central city area is a westernized African city however, just about the 10 km from it there is an entire change of scenic and eye-catching outskirts.

By Christine VaufreyBy Christine Vaufrey

On the west road, just after the Wouri River Bridge lie post-colonial homes dotting the curb. The core profession of these rural villagers is small-scale agriculture. Moving ahead to further west, one can find the ancient Bamileke towns.  The town has some architectural ruins of late 18th century. Most of the towns are planned by European colonizers.

The west Cameroon is the agriculture and farming hub because of the apt climate and fertile land and the Bamileke people’s skilled farming capabilities. While you are off to an early morning or an afternoon road trip, you will lurch upon scenic waterfalls. Though most of them are really magnificent but the Ekom waterfall is exceptionally alluring.

Douala has diversified range of Food options. You can find local cuisine along with French, Senegalese, Chinese and Moroccan. For food enthusiasts and tourists there is an absolute exceptional at the town of Kekem. I should warn if you are not much into hygiene –I personally never fell ill after eating there, the town of Kekem blow its horn with the tastiest skewered beef you’ll hardly find anywhere on the earth. The beef roasted and Spiced with a mix of carefully chosen peppers makes the scrumptious goodness a true exception, it is served with grilled plantains, savory prunes and an option of mineral water, soda or beer to wash it all down.

Antichucos_-_Grilled_Beef_Heart_skewersFor those who are more into safe food choices, the town of Bafang offers a decent breakfast or lunch only in dedicated hours at Hotel La Falaise. The signature dish of Douala and West Cameroon is “Poulet DG” –an aromatic stewed chicken dish served with fried plantains and carrots, and garnished with pepper and ginger.



At The uphill of city nestled a huge number of McMansions. These scenic architectures are designed by local and foreign architects. Most of these mansions belong to well-off Bamiléké merchants and businessmen who left their home ineradicable but marked their homes to show their wealth and spend holidays. The climate of this uphill is remarkably pleasant.

My architecture enthusiast friends should never miss the town of Bandjoun to check out the real Bamileke structural designs. Bandjoun has some well-maintained structures –it’s a must-see sight for them.




About 5 hours drive by car from Douala is Dschang –a European colonists retreat. This is one and the only colder place of Duoala where you may need warm clothes.












Featured Image Courtesy By Christine Vaufrey