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Fly To Cairo – Class Apart!

Fly To Cairo – Cairo that has been a major tourist attraction is now known to the world as the the city which stirred up revolutions in the Arab world. It has been known that the people of the arab descent have never had bold political views or have never been so politically diverse that they would go out to demand for a democracy. But 7000 people gathered at tahrir square to demand the political system they ever so deserve.











Cairo is a melting pot of many communities that mash together to form the the multicultural city. Cairo’s population is as much of a standout as its majestic attractions that bring about thousands of people everyday because seeing in person is better than any Hollywood movie.

Would it be the pyramids that are better than the other attractions, the triangles of perfection made which huge bricks that some people even believe the aliens built them, just the science of how the heavy bricks were laid on top of each other to reach such magnanimous heights that it might have taken a lot of labourers hard work, or just how one candle can  reflect light through a series of carefully placed mirrors or is it the mysteries of hidden treasures both captivating and provoking fear as one might think how the treasures must have the possibility of guardians.











It could be the Virgin Mary’s tree that adds to the enigma of the city which is known to have started the greatest of all Arab revolutions. The Virgin Mary’s tree has been an attraction for thousands of years to tourists, whether it is a Christian or a Muslim the tree links to the belief of the tourist. The history of the tree itself is a remarkable one because it is believed that the Virgin Mary rested here and also drank from the well nearby.









Khan el-Khalili, the greatest souq of all time, with a maze of alleyways filled with shops and stalls of merchandise attracting tourists from all over the world, catering to the shopaholics’ needs as there are perfumes to perfume bottles, jewelry, beautiful marble artifacts, cloth, shoes, spices and not to mention the Arab coffee that the tourist go crazy for.











There is something about the ambiance that takes one all the way back to the old times when gods used to order for duels in their temples, adorned in gold jewelry and presented with feasts by the hands of women in their harems. Just the most delicate of the remnants of the old times flash through one’s head whilst in the mysterious Cairo of Egypt.











Looking at the mummies you believe that any second now they will turn their heads and look straight into your eye, sometimes a part of the skin is still there even though blackened by the chemical reaction applied 3000 years ago, it is still amazing the amount of detail on the mummified human beings.











The Egyptologists suggest that there were diseases and animals that were causes of some deaths in Egypt but cancer was rare. As Queen Hatshepsut lies in her glass coffin with chemical infused ribbons of cloth wrapped around her body where the research says that the poor queen died of arthritis and diabetes one wonders if she would come back to life to see the hustle and bustle of the Cairo she once did not imagine. Where apart from being the museum of history, it was her city in which laborers would carve her statues that are now just a tourist attraction and as a result bringing the business in town.

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