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From Metropolis To Foliage


You have had a long day at the office, you take the taxi or the subway to get home and you are just too tired of the echoes in the ambiance denoting every second that you are stuck in a huge city with sky scrapers, metal sculptures and bank buildings.

South Africa is surrounded by everything green and everything wild, the elephants or the hippos, the mountains and most important of all, the beaches. Wouldn’t you take the beaches instead of the concrete pavement you have to walk on to get to your office building for a week?

If you are planning to pay a visit to South Africa the first thing to wonder about how to find a better ticket resolution and your best options could be to book ahead – almost one to two months – and to fly through Europe during off-season because of how flying is less expensive then.

Sometimes the options could include – considering flying from a couple of destinations – Europe and the United Arab Emirates because both provide good and affordable prices and the layovers are not that long. Even though there is a bit of feasibility regarding the prices of the tickets which is the first thing to wonder due to traveling being extremely expensive these days the flight time would still be quite a lot as compared to going directly.  

The African Overland Tours(courtesy Fly ABS) is your best option if you wish to narrow down the plan of your trip. The Safari tours would chalk out to you the all of the important places you can visit within the days limit and the prices can go from $700 to $6000 depending on your tour. Though the experience could be quite limited as in the trip is planned so the places for visiting are planned too and it is a very safe way but a very controlled way to visit South Africa. So if you wish for something like that the Safari Tours could be for you.

If you are willing to brave the cheap trip to South Africa and roam around the country on your own the best option is to actually buy a vehicle, usually the tourists do so and they sell the bought cars upon leaving. Because the selling is quite rushed one can find good prices on cheap and old cars. If this is you then plan your locations beforehand so as to avoid wasting fuel.

There are many other options to travel around the country, hitchhiking can be one but it is not as safe as buying your own vehicle, a heavy investment along with the tickets but still the safest and most fun.

You can travel around in the buses, now there are two types of busses, the Baz Bus and the regular public bus. The Baz bus would take you around where you wish to go so you have to buy a ticket in order to do so also the bus follows the travel pattern, that is, the bus goes to the locations that are popular tourist attractions. The regular bus is cheaper than the Baz bus and is the authentic way to travel around South Africa because that way you get to meet and greet the local Africans and talk about, well, Africa. The cheapest of all ways is to take the minivans around Africa but the rule is that the driver would fill up the van before moving around so it takes a long time and by filling up it means every imaginable spot ought to have a person present.

You have many a option to travel to Africa, the safest ones are quite expensive, but it is worth saving every dime for the unforgettable trip to South Africa.

Featured Image By Martie Swart