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Holidays!!! Let’s Cruise South Africa!

Planning a trip to South Africa? These 3 places deserve your quality time, to be admired, walked and explored.

Kruger Park:


Kruger Park is at about 2 million hectares. The park runs on very high end, advance environmental management techniques and policies to save the wild life in South Africa, it does attract almost every tourist visiting South Africa.

Self driving tour can be done to explore the Park, inch by inch, or you can join the Kruger park Tour and get the inside information about the park itself from the tour guides.

For the accommodations there are many options for the tourist to settle in during tour days, which includes Rest camps like Huts, Bungalows, up market guest houses and guest cottages, electricity, a first-aid centre, a shop, barbecue and communal kitchen facilities, laundry tubs, a restaurant and/or self-service cafeteria, public telephones and a petrol station, with a daily service of bedding, towels and all the basics you need.  Rooms may differ from air condition to fan. Private Game Lodges are also available at Kruger.

Kruger’s layout consist of  vast Roads, Waterholes, hides, picnic  spots, Rest camps for the long exposure to tourists. When outdoors, short nature walks, game drives, 4x4overland drives to wilderness trails which lasts three nights and two days.

 The Big Hole/ Kimberly:


One of another most attractive place in South Africa is the big hole near Kimberly. The place was mined about 800 meter which was containing approx 2.8 tons of diamond.  Mining was stopped in 1914 and now it’s a giant hole fill with water and turned into a Museum, is one of the most attractive places in South Africa.

The museum’s tour guide gives you the complete information about the miners who mined for Diamonds, the process which they went through, some of the collective diamonds as artifacts to display for tourists and how much wealth miners made.

The House On The Hill:


This fruitful trip to South Africa will charm you with its house at the hill at a running pineapple farm, it was established in 1820, and it does have attraction for tourists as well as the locals.

The house is a giant pineapple; each floor contains the information about the house history, the farm and the local tales for the tourists to be informed. Tour is of rose geranium fields & distillery dried pineapple factory, organic butternuts walks through indigenous forest, viewing game i.e. zebra, kudu, nyala.

Once again, we recap the things we have to do when in South Africa … visiting beaches and country places, wild life viewing, visiting national parks, cultural heritages, historic places, scenic routes and much more is awaiting you.

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