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Honeymoon in Africa

Honeymoon in Africa – Stunning Spots and Activities

Planning to spend honeymoon in Africa? Here is a list of must visit places and must to do activities in Africa:


Honeymoon in Africa

  1. Sossusvlei Dunes, Namibia:

Sossusvlei is one of the most exceptional attractions in Namibia, hence, one of the most stunning spots in Africa. The literal meaning of Sossusvlei is ‘the place where water gathers’, but you will have to bring along a water bottle to drink from if you do not intend to faint out of dehydration.

Over millions of years, as the after-effect of material spilling out of the Orange River into the Atlantic Sossusvlei dunes were created. They were initially carried to the North but later returned again to land by the surf.  It is the ideal travel destination for adventurous couple who intend to spend their honeymoon in Africa.

Spectacular views of the Deadvlei, a spooky field of dried white clay/ mud punctuated by skeletons of old Camelthorn trees, and other attractions can be seen while climbing on the Sossusvlei dunes.




Honeymoon in Africa

  1. Victoria Falls, Zambia and Zimbabwe:

Another one of the most stunning and romantic spots in Africa is the Victoria Falls. It is also known as Mosi-oa-Tunya (The cloud which thunders) and is considered to be one of the most regal and magnificent waterfalls in the world. It was discovered by Scotsman David Livingstone, a European during his trip here in 1855. It is the ideal spot for those looking for exotically romantic destination for spending honeymoon in Africa.

Since then thousands have enjoyed the spray from the 108-meter high cascade, which was once recorded flowing at 12,800 cubic meters per second — double that of Niagara’s highest flow.

From that point forward, thousands have enjoyed experiencing the spray from 108 meter high fall, which was once recorded streaming at 12,800 cubic meters, every second (twofold that of Niagara’s waterfall’s highest flow).




Honeymoon in Africa

  1. Spitzkoppe, Namibia:

The Spitzkoppe in Namibia Desert comprises of a series of Granite peaks. The highest peak in the region hits approximately, 1,800 meters, making it one of the most stunning spots in Africa. If you want to give a rustic touch to your honeymoon, you must visit Spitzkoppe while spending your honeymoon in Africa.

Bouldering, multi day Safaris and camping (rustic cave) are some of the activities which take place in the area.




Honeymoon in Africa

  1. Nyika Plateau National Park, Malawi:

One of the most unique parks in Africa is the Nyika, Malawi’s National park. It is the largest part in the area with a plateau intersected by a number of rivers which reach Lake Malawi by the means of waterfalls flowing off the edge (eastern) of the mountains.

The wall of the Great Rift Valley is formed by the eastern border of the plateau.

Nyika is considered to be the perfect place for trekking, mountain biking and Jeep exploration as the domes of the hills have gentle slopes. These activities will give you a chance to develop a deeper bond with your spouse while spending the honeymoon in Africa.

The park has abundance of Antelopes and Zebras and is ranked as one of the highest Leopard populous regions in Central Africa.




Honeymoon in Africa

  1. Mount Mulanje, Malawi:

If you actually want to visit one of the most stunning spots during your honeymoon in Africa, don’t miss out on visiting Mount Mulanje in Malawi.

The view of the mount looks stunning from the ground, but when you get up of the mount, you get to witness of the most breathtaking views ever.

In the Central Africa, Mulanje Massif is the highest mountain (3,000 meters high). By the Fort Lister Gap, it is split into two.

The mountain is recognized by huge basins of rock and slim gullies cut by streams. An exhausting trek escorts to splendid viewpoints.

On your way, expect to bump into monkeys, rabbits, and a number of captivating wildflowers and butterflies after the rainfall.




  1. Rainforest, Rwanda:

Besides being one of the most stunning spots in Africa, it also provides you with an experience of a life time. A close encounter with mountain Gorillas is something you would cherish your whole life. Many travel agents and tour operators arrange for hunting Gorillas and their troupes in the rainforest of Rwanda. You might want to visit it with your partner while spending honeymoon in Africa.




Honeymoon in Africa

  1. Riding safari, Kenya:

Covering up to 100 kilometers within a week, the tourists can race alongside Zebras in the Masai Mara.



Honeymoon in Africa

  1. The Southern Cross, Zambia:

Southern Hemisphere provides the best view of the iconic star formation in the night sky. Not many places provide better vantage points as compared to the open air safari in Luangwa, Zambia. The star constellation can be found as being the part of various cultures in different ways, signifying its importance. It is one of the most romantic spots offering the most uniquely romantic activities; perfect for those willing to spend their honeymoon in Africa.



Honeymoon in Africa

  1. Bazaruto Archipelago, Mozambique:

A visit to Bazaruto Archipelago, Mozambique is a must while spending honeymoon in Africa. It takes a mind blowing 10 minute helicopter ride to reach there, travelling across the Bazaruto Archipelago to the Azura Retreats lodge, Benguerra Island.

The hotel is set within a Marine National Park, providing an opportunity see Whales, Dugong and Dolphins.



Honeymoon in Africa

10.  Nyiragongo Volcano, Virunga National Park, Eastern Congo:

Nyiragongo Volcano is one of the most active volcanoes and most stunning spots to visit in Africa. It is two kilometers wide and contains Lava Lake which once erupted in 2002 and displaced half a million citizens. Want to do something extraordinary while spending your honeymoon in Africa, visit Nyiragongo Volcano.