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  • Travel Agent vs Travel APIs: Which is Cheapest Way to Travel to Africa?

    Travel agents are professionals who provide help with booking travel tickets and hotels and organizing the entire trip. Previously, people used to experience difficulty in booking tickets for trains, planes and even boat trips without getting the help of travel agents but these days many websites are available which are targeted towards people who are…

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  • Incredible African American Celebrities Of Hollywood

    Morgan Freeman: The heavy command Voice, over an excellent personality, Morgan Freeman is one of the legends and iconic actors of Hollywood. He was born in June 1937 in Memphis. He served as a mechanic from 1955-1959 in US air force. His first appearance was in all African American production of the exuberant musical Hello,…

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  • History Of Jazz Music

    Out of all the genres, Jazz has proved to be one of the most difficult to define. Jazz music originated in African American communities during the late 19th century. History: In the late 19th and 20th century Jazz being an interpretation of American and European Classical Music entwined with African Folk songs and starting influences…

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  • Holidays!!! Let’s Cruise South Africa!

    Planning a trip to South Africa? These 3 places deserve your quality time, to be admired, walked and explored. Kruger Park: Kruger Park is at about 2 million hectares. The park runs on very high end, advance environmental management techniques and policies to save the wild life in South Africa, it does attract almost every…

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  • Nigerians In USA

    7 Prominent Nigerians Living In USA

    SEAL HENRY OLUSEGUN OLUMIDE ADEOLA Family Lineage: Brazillian father, Nigerian mother. Place of Birth: London(Paddington). Citizenship: Briton. Date of Birth: 19/02/1963. Race: Black African. Location: USA Marital Status: Married to a German supermodel Heidi Klum with kids Occupation: Singer, Song writer and Performer. Helen Folasade (Sade) Adu Family Lineage: Yoruba Father and English Mother. Place…

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  • Travel Guide To Kenya

    East Africa’s favorite Safari has 40 national parks, a large variety of wild animals and enchanting landscape. Kenyan tourism is promoted through impressive logistics, modes of transport, camping, to fit in every level of budget. You view beaches, Islamic ruins, as the journey proceeds from Nairobi. National parks with all kinds of animals abound everywhere….

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  • 5 Safest Cities To Visit In Nigeria

    A number of tourists hesitate to plan a trip to Nigeria because of crime activities cropping up in the country. Most of the travelers consider Nigeria to be the worst country to visit; however, it is actually become safer with thousands of tourists visiting each year. There are a few cities in Nigeria that are absolutely…

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  • Honeymoon in Africa

    How to plan a Honeymoon in Africa?

    Africa guarantees the honeymoon of one’s lifetime. It is an utterly unique continent. The perfect combination of an African safari on Indian Ocean Island offers the best balance of adventure and serenity. Such a combination is undoubtedly the best combination for a dreamy honeymoon. Spend honeymoon in Africa to get a mind blowing, unforgettable romantic…

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  • Things to Do in Kenya (Nairobi)

    6 Things to do in Kenya (Nairobi)!

    1. Take City Safari: One of the top things to do in Kenya (Nairobi) is the city safari. Yearly, millions of visitors travel to Kenya to take the safari. The best part about Kenya is that you hardly need to leave the capital to go take a safari. The most fascinating thing about Nairobi National…

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  • African Culture

    The Glorious African Culture

    The glorious African culture is not monotonous throughout the continent. The African culture varies from country to country and even in one country you can identify a number of diversified sub-cultures. Family and ethnic groups are the heart and soul of the cultural activities which take place in Africa. The social patterns and religious beliefs…

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