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  • Travel to Africa

    Travel to Africa – 5 Must Visit Places

    Why should you travel to Africa? Because there are numerous magnificent spots to visit in Africa. From the aged sanctuaries, tombs and pyramids of Egypt to the amazing wildlife in Kenya, Uganda, Namibia and Botswana, there are a lot of intriguing things to witness and do for all the types of travelers, may them be…

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  • travel to South Africa

    7 reasons to travel to South Africa!

    If you have a plan to travel to South Africa as next destination for vacations, you are moving in right direction. The landscape and atmosphere, adventure and wildlife, blend of history and modernity, safari and beach, are a few of alluring things that you will get to enjoy in South Africa. Here are the top…

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  • South Africa

    Top 10 cuisines you cannot miss in South Africa

    Much like their colorful history, South African cuisines reveal the enriched and diverse culture of South Africa. With cuisines passed down from European colonialists, and few introduced by South Asian immigrants, the overall food menu in South Africa presents the beautiful mosaic of savor and flavor. Not to forget the traditional food of South Africa…

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  • Cheap Tickets to Kenya

    Find Cheap Tickets to Kenya with Fly ABS

    FLY ABS has been operating in the New York City as a licensed travel consultancy, for over 20 years. The main aim of Fly ABS is to find its clients the best affordable rates for flight tickets to Africa. Fly ABS makes invests energy and time in providing its clients with cheap tickets to Kenya,…

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  • Travel to Kenya

    Why should you travel to Kenya?

    Renowned for its exemplary savanna safaris, Kenya is a nation of emotional extremes and contrast. Travel to Kenya to experience deserts and elevated snows; woodlands and open fields, the city of Nairobi and brilliant tribal societies; freshwater lakes and coral reefs. For some individuals, Kenya is East Africa in microcosm. The natural life safaris have…

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  • Honeymoon in Africa

    Honeymoon in Africa – Stunning Spots and Activities

    Planning to spend honeymoon in Africa? Here is a list of must visit places and must to do activities in Africa:   Sossusvlei Dunes, Namibia: Sossusvlei is one of the most exceptional attractions in Namibia, hence, one of the most stunning spots in Africa. The literal meaning of Sossusvlei is ‘the place where water gathers’,…

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  • Best African Places To Visit

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