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Honeymoon in Africa

How to plan a Honeymoon in Africa?

Africa guarantees the honeymoon of one’s lifetime. It is an utterly unique continent. The perfect combination of an African safari on Indian Ocean Island offers the best balance of adventure and serenity. Such a combination is undoubtedly the best combination for a dreamy honeymoon. Spend honeymoon in Africa to get a mind blowing, unforgettable romantic experience.

It is the utmost wish of all the honeymooners to have a perfect honeymoon. However, the definition of perfection for each couple is different. Once you have decided to spend your honeymoon in Africa, the very next step is to plan how you will spend honeymoon in Africa, which places do you want to visit and what activities would you like to do.


Honeymoon in Africa is suitable for all sorts of couples. For couples who are sober and sophisticated, luxurious stay can be arranged, for the adventurous couples stay in camps (in the wild) can also be arranged. Giant hotels or small guesthouses, escapade or relaxation or both, you need to be clear in your mind what you want! To have the finest and smooth honeymoon in Africa experience, hotels should be booked in advance.

If you have special requirements and want tailor made arrangements, everything needs to be done in advance so that when you reach your destination, everything stays ready for you. Do research and gain knowledge to find out hotel options for spending honeymoon in Africa. The African people are very courteous and will present you will flowers and they can also make special arrangements for you on request, such as organizing a private dinner in the savannah, rose filled bath, a surprise breakfast, etc to make your honeymoon in Africa an ever cherish-able experience.


Honeymoon in Africa

Time of year:
Keeping in mind the fact that most of the marriages take place in the second half of the year, honeymoon in Africa can be the best choice. The African safari honeymoon often takes place at the same time of year which is the best time for both viewing the game and to relax on the beach. The best weather for viewing in Africa is during the month of June through to the month of October.


Honeymoon in Africa

Honeymoon in Africa- Points to remember:
Bear in mind that the longer you spend your time on safari, the more expensive your trip will turn out to be. The night at beach is way more inexpensive than a safari night. Most of the couples who spend honeymoon in Africa spend about five or six days on safari at maximum. Spending more time will result in additional burden on the pocket and will eventually become boring. The key for spending an awesome honeymoon in Africa is to find the right balance between adventure and relaxation.


Honeymoon in Africa

If you are on tight budget and planning to spend your honeymoon in Africa, spend it in East Africa. It is the most cost effective location in Africa and easy. This stays true predominantly because of the fact that Kenya and Tanzania have spectacular beaches (especially Tanzania in particular), that is why combining a safari and beach is easy. On the contrary, in the South side of Africa, beach and safari combinations can be very expensive.

One more important suggestion for the couples who are planning to spend their honeymoon in Africa is not to combine safari in the Seychelles. It is very time consuming (because of the dead nights to connect from and connect to the Seychelles) but also because it is also terribly expensive. That is why it is highly advisable to spend more time on other beaches of Africa, rather than trying it hard to reach Seychelles. You should only opt for this option for your honeymoon in Africa if you have a handsome amount of money and a ample amount of time to spare.Things to Do in Kenya (Nairobi)