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Planning A Trip To Douala

Cameroon’s economic capital Douala has been ranked the second most expensive city to live in Africa whereas sometimes it is placed the 27th and 44th most expensive city on earth.

Douala is peaceful and sometimes not so peaceful, it is a mixture of both where some tourists traveled quite easily around the city, some complained that they were threatened by sharp objects, unlike other countries with high poverty rate the good thing about Douala is that the offenders didn’t necessarily have a generic weapon like guns or machetes.

Due to the expenses tourists are often warned that they will immediately be recognized as rich and that could make them a target. If foreigners due to their jobs have to move they not only have to think about the dangers but also the expenses where due to the humidity the electricity bill could easily be more than $500 for a single person.

There have been shocks upon the arrival of the bill at restaurants where only soups cost well over $50 but still there is variety of food that can be found due to tourism. There is variety of food such as Chinese or Lebanese and the local dishes, the ice cream of Douala is the most popular because of its unique taste.

Foyer du Marin is the most popular amongst the tourists and expatriates who have been moved due to their line of work. It is worth mentioning that Douala is the center of business of the country, hence there are many tourists and expatriates and foyer du Marin is popular because of its beauty and also the swimming pool as it is humid and really warm in central Africa. But as foyer is extremely popular it isn’t easy to find a spot.

Traveling around the city is expensive with the fuel prices being high. The taxi drivers take multiple rides at one time to make money, kind of like public buses, the tourists and expatriate find it expensive to arrange their own vehicle. Usually the best bet to consider is to buy from the foreigners who are to leave the country, due to the fact that they are in a hurry to travel light, they want buyers quickly and as a result the cost of cars can become low and the best part about it is cars are well-maintained.

Poverty and inflation are both the cause of Douala being such an expensive city. Because of the inflation the locals find it hard to survive where they are making only $1 to $2 per day and as a result there is child labor. The inflation and poverty make the prices of goods so high where buying food from the supermarkets could be expensive also the local goods are expensive because the locals want to make as much money from tourists as it is a common belief that tourists are loaded. There is a threat of bugs spreading diseases and medical treatment is not up to the western standards. But Douala is still a main business attraction for other countries and the best part is free WiFi at the hotels.

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Featured Image By Roberto Paci Dalò / Giardini Pensili