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Honeymoon in Africa

Planning a trip to Africa with your loved ones? Here is where to spend your honeymoon in Africa?

Honeymoon in Africa can be a dreamy way to celebrate after one of the most special occasions in one’s life. Spending you honeymoon in Africa can be an enchanting experience, which could be both, simple or as luxurious as you desire.

The biggest problem which a couple faces is to determine the travel destinations and set of activities for spending honeymoon in Africa.

Though there are a number of camps and safari lodges in Africa which can make very romantic destinations; short-listing and selecting them is very difficult. Honeymoon in Africa is a treat for the honeymooners. All the destinations are a visual treat. Most of the times you will find surprises during your honeymoon, the people of Africa are very welcoming. Spending honeymoon in Africa is one of the most romantic options as arrangements can be done for a private dinner, finest wines on arrival or a fresh bouquet for the bride. Not always, but mostly the camp managers offer them as gifts if you are on Safari.

ABS provides you with tickets for all the famous destinations for honeymoon in Africa. We have provided under a list of destinations for spending honeymoon in Africa and some of their offerings. Browse through them to select the best option for spending honeymoon in Africa. You can always contact ABS to know about the availability of tickets and related queries.

Honeymoon in Africa

Honeymoon in Africa – Botswana:

For a delightfully romantic honeymoon in Africa, visit Botswana. It will completely spoil you as it offers a variety of top class safari camps. It also features private and opulent camps where you can expect deluxe suites, exclusive pools, candlelight dinners, moonlit baths and arrangements for sleeping under the stars. With a number of activities, natural beauty and astounding camps, honeymoon in African destination Botswana promises to be extremely special!

Honeymoon in Africa

Honeymoon in Africa – Kenya:

A honeymoon in Africa, especially Kenya offers a range of possibilities. During your honeymoon in Africa, Kenya you will be exposed to the opportunity to sleep under the stars on the high plains of Laikipia, have an up-close and personal candle light dinner in the wilds of the Mara. You can also sunbathe and swim on the seashore of the lukewarm Indian Ocean. With a variety of striking landscapes and deluxe accommodation options, Kenya is the perfect location for spending a dreamy, exclusive and memorable honeymoon in Africa!

Honeymoon in Africa

Honeymoon in Africa – Mozambique:

If you want to spend your honeymoon in Africa around spectacular islands, Quirimbas and Bazaruto archipelagos are the perfect destinations for you. In Mozambique you will find ultra romatic private island retreats, private honeymoon suites and less crowded beaches. A walk under the moonlight along white sands and/ or an open-air bath under stars can make your honeymoon in Africa as romantic as it could possibly ever be.

Honeymoon in Africa

Honeymoon in Africa – Namibia:

Consider Namibia, if you decide to spend your honeymoon in Africa. It offers you peaceful sleep under the sparkling stars, whereas the red desert dunes and Naukluft mountains of Namibia isolates you from the rest of the world. A number of camps have beautiful honeymoon suites, often set in serene and calm spots, isolated from other camps, to provide you with maximum privacy. Namibia proposes a romantic honeymoon in Africa, especially with its breath taking scenery.

Honeymoon in Africa

Honeymoon in Africa – Seychelles:

If your idea for a perfect honeymoon in Africa involves private isolated islands, beaches which are palm-fringed; lavish beach retreats; deluxe honeymoon suites; candle light dinners by the beach on the white sands, consider Seychelles for spending your honeymoon. It is gorgeously dreamy, and the tropical islands are tranquil and serene, making your honeymoon in Africa a memorable experience.

Honeymoon in Africa

Honeymoon in Africa – South Africa:

To have a quixotic and lavish honeymoon in Africa, South Africa offers things which can suit couples of all ages and tastes. From peaceful and isolated hideaways in green surroundings, to idealistic hotels with nearby activities galore, South Africa can prove to be an ideal honeymoon spot. Take pleasure in spa treatments, taste wines, eat delicious cuisines, enjoy astonishingly beautiful scenery, and make your honeymoon in Africa an extremely special one.

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Honeymoon in Africa

Honeymoon in Africa – Tanzania:

If you desire to give a true African flavor to your honey moon, consider Tanzania. If beautifully blends classic safari with a romantic beach break. During your stay in Tanzania, Africa, you can enjoy exciting flora and fauna experiences whilst being accommodated at deluxe camps situated at the prime location. Besides that a honeymoon couple can also opt to have a few nights at a serene and private beach retreat. Tanzania has many places which provide honeymoon offers with customized services they try their best to keep the couples on honeymoon happy!

Honeymoon in Africa

Honeymoon in Africa – Zambia:

Honeymoon in Africa will remain incomplete if the couple does not enjoy an authentic African Safari honeymoon. For that, Zambia is an excellent choice. You will find gorgeous personal hideaways, exclusive dinners in the wilds, you can also spend the night under the stars, if you desire.  You can expect to have some of the best memories during your stay in Zambia as you will have close encounters with the wildlife of Africa.

Honeymoon in Africa

Honeymoon in Africa – Zanzibar:

The romantic and relaxing beaches of Zanzibar, makes it one of the hot favorite spots for the honeymooners. Majority of the lodges are ideal for celebrating special occasions. The luxurious sea-facing honeymoon suites, exclusive stretches of white beach, and considerate staff enhance the overall experience of honeymoon in Africa. Zanzibar offers the perfect mix of luxury and adventure.