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Seven Reasons to Visit Uganda

Africa has some of the best wildlife parks in the world. It has taken care of the natural habitats of animals and helped in the care of the extinct species, such is the country of Uganda in east Africa  that an offer some of the best sanctuaries and even more.

The Endangered Gorillas


Finding the endangered mountain gorillas in the Mgahinga gorilla national park is a thrilling experience because literally the mountain gorillas are endangered including only 9 members of the gorilla family. The guide can take the tourists to the habitant of the gorillas but very rarely are the gorillas found. For mountain climbing on the cone shaped volcanoes the tourists are told be prepared for if they wish to camp out, because doing so the tourist would be responsible for food, water and shelter. Climbing the extinct volcanic mountains can take several hours but mountains actually have a view in Rawanda as well as Uganda. It may be hard to spot such rare and endangered species of gorillas because of their small numbers but the park has many birds swarming around in the mountains.

The Nine Rhinos


The rhinos of Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary not only have names they also have interesting stories. There are Rhinos with battle scars and gentle females just hanging about the sanctuary and sometimes hitting the sack in the shade. The sanctuary is important for the rhino and visitors usually donate to support the gentle rhino’s habitat.

The Kampala Beaches


The most popular is Munyonyo Beach along with the others such as the Serena resort beach or the Lutembe Beach. Kampla is the capital city of Uganda and the beaches are popular tourist sites. Another reason is not just the waves and the sand but also the activities on the beaches.  There are boat rides to the nearest islands, canoeing, helicopter rides and paintball, just endless amount of fun.

Masala Tea, Fried Chapati and grasshoppers

Some of yummy cuisines served in Uganda are inspired by Indian cuisines. The chapatti is actually fried in oil instead of baked on a gas stove, this type of bread if closest  to Paratha served in India and Pakistan instead of chapatti because Paratha is usually fried in oil and chapatti is baked on a tava pan. The street food also includes samosas, deep fried ants and grasshoppers guzzled up by the local as if it’s nothing. Ugali is a traditional dish in Uganda and it is said to be made with solidified maize porridge often served with stew of peanuts, beans, chicken or meat.

Shopping in Uganda


It is quite hard to find the local exhibits in Uganda which in reverse an adventure itself. There are in the shops women sewing shirts with sewing machines and often tourist can get a custom made shirts. The local exhibits are normally found in art centers and crafts markets that are expecially held for tourist and visitors. Such as The National Theatre Arts and Crafts market where pottery, musical instruments and woven goods are available. Also the Ndere Cultural center is the complete experience of finding the local goods and exhibits.

View from Gaddafi National Mosque

The complex designs of gargantuan proportions with chandeliers and pillars and cut glass make the Gaddafi national mosques. The most sought after experience is the view from the top of the Gaddafi Mosques of the whole city of Kampala.











Jinja is a city in Uganda but its significance increases due to its location. Since it sits near the northern shores of Lake Victoria and most importantly near the source of river Nile it is popular amongst the tourist. To keep the tourism attracted there are rafts rides on river Nile making a very popular tourist activity.

Uganda has myriad tourist attraction sites that have the visitors completely smitten. If at one point the travel is exhausting on the other hand it is exhilarating as well.


Featured Image Courtesy By www.adventure-life.com