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Things to do in Durban

The land of Africa has so much to offer. Formerly, it allocates only 4 percent of global tourism. However, there is a huge drift in tourism industry of Africa since last few decades as the African countries take it beyond safaris and maintain best tourism services for international travelers.

Durban –a city of golden beaches and sub-tropical climate, it is amongst the cities which have enticed international tourism to a whole new level; it is now amongst the best family holiday destination on global. If you are planning a family holiday at Durban this year, take a look at 5 best things to do in Durban.

Hike in Umhlanga Lagoon Trail

The best idea of a family day trip is to head to Umlahunga Lagoon Nature Reserve get the fresh breath of air through the coastal dune forest and stroll across the Ohlange River. The amble safari is only half an hour long that could be done under guide supervision so no hectic for your little hikers. The lagoon is filled with more than sixty wildlife species; you can gaze on red and blue duiker, vervet monkeys and many surprises of wildlife waiting for you in the reserve. The route is well-marked, provides a memorable adventure to your little hikers.

Sea Voyage to the center of Ushaka Sea World

Add this trip into a must-visit to-do list. uShaka Sea World is marked as one of the largest aquariums, it encircles the 40 acres of uShaka Marine World , village walk shopping center and the Wet and Wild Water Park. The sustainable use of marine environment is displayed in the aquarium marine life encounters. The trip offers a sign up for ocean walker experience and you will be given a tethered inhaling helmet to walk across the bottom of open ocean exhibit. The best part of this adventurous ocean walk –no need of diving experience (for ages up to 12 and above only) and the large shark tanks for a shark dive experience.

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Bike at the Golden Mile

Courtesy Walls360.com

The golden sand beaches lining just on the edge of the Durban’s central business district, the famous “Golden Mile” is an extension about four miles away from Blue Lagoon and near Durban Harbor and south to Addington Beach. The spot is well-maintained with wide brick-paved pathway for an easy stroll, jog or bike experience across the route. You can opt for tour de piers, water sport gaming such as surf, skies or kite board, observe sand castle architects or just amble around to soak in sun and fresh breezes of Indian Ocean.  The main gaming attraction of this site is eco-active bike & saddle sport for a guided morning cycle across the Golden Mile. The gaming offer includes a breakfast of pastry and coffee added with the helmet and bike fee.

The Durban Botanical Gardens -A walk between the “Living Fossils”

It is the oldest surviving botanical gardens and house of the top collections of living fossils plant including Pre-dinosaur cycads that are 250 million years old –unbelievable isn’t it? The venue is perfect to walk amongst the astonishing living fossils and have a family picnic. Get the perfect Jurassic Park feeling and experience the ancient jungle adventure, no dinosaurs of course but pink-backed pelicans surely look like pterodactyls.

Featured Image Courtesy flickr-Marc Forrest

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