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Travel Agent vs Travel APIs: Which is Cheapest Way to Travel to Africa?

Travel agents are professionals who provide help with booking travel tickets and hotels and organizing the entire trip. Previously, people used to experience difficulty in booking tickets for trains, planes and even boat trips without getting the help of travel agents but these days many websites are available which are targeted towards people who are planning to travel. But still travel agents can be helpful for people who are either traveling the first time and don’t know much about using websites or people who don’t want to face the hassle of doing everything on their own and just handover everything to the travel agents.


On the other hand, travels APIs are applications that help tourists in searching routes, tickets, and hotels. They help you understand what deals would be the best for you and which ones you should not go for.

There are several benefits of booking tickets through travel agents and travel APIs. They can help us ease our travel considerably. Some of the benefits of using travel agents are mentioned below:

  • You save a lot of money – travel agencies have good professional relationships with hotels and flight carriers around the world and can get you good rates on everything.
  • Convenience – They help you plan your entire trip without you having to do anything. Just tell them your requirements and they will manage everything for you.
  • Travel Assistance – They can guide you what places you can visit in the country you are traveling to, they can tell you what activities sell out quickly so you can get tickets beforehand.
  • Saves Time – Instead of spending hours on the internet, finding the best hotels and their rates, best flights and the tourist attractions in those countries, it is best to just go to travel agent who can help you in a considerably short of amount of time.


Travel APIs help tourists search driving and walking routes between different points for ferry, bus, train and air. They prevent tourists from overpaying for hotels and transport tickets. Furthermore, some even tell you if the deals offered are the best ones or are ripping you off in reality.

But again, travel agents are more preferred because even with travel APIs you have to make the effort yourself and search for everything which is time consuming. People prefer to just leave everything to travel agents which save their time as well.


Africa is becoming a popular attraction for tourists and businessmen. Let’s look at the cheapest ways to travel to Africa. If we talk about flights then it is to be known that direct flights from the US to Africa are comparatively more expensive than compared to flights via Europe. Local African flights will offer the cheapest flights to Africa. If you travel from the US, then the cheapest flight to Nigeria and the cheapest flights to Kenya will cost you around USD 850 to USD 1300 and Virgin Atlantic is most preferred airline but it majorly depends on what city/ country you are traveling from. If you travel from the UK to Nigeria and Kenya, then the flight rates will be between 500 USD and 1100 USD and among them the cheapest will be Turkish airlines generally but it majorly depends on the city you are traveling from.

In order to have a cost effective trip to Africa, it is preferred to seek the assistance of a travel agent as they have well linked networks and can provide you with excellent deals that you might not find on your own.

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