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Travel Guide To Kenya

East Africa’s favorite Safari has 40 national parks, a large variety of wild animals and enchanting landscape.

Kenyan tourism is promoted through impressive logistics, modes of transport, camping, to fit in every level of budget. You view beaches, Islamic ruins, as the journey proceeds from Nairobi.

National parks with all kinds of animals abound everywhere. Cultural diversity with more than 40 tribes offers a breathtaking experience. This excellent holiday resort is at times hit by political issues or militant attacks, therefore the number of tourists dwindled. Still, people flock to visit this land of wonder, searching for wild life.

It is therefore advisable for tourist to go through travel advice before setting out. Different kinds of street and other violent crimes are rampant. People have to be cautious with cash, expensive belongings, especially at night. Strangers are to be avoided at all cost. There are also imposters dressed as security staff out there to cheat. Crowded places are the favorites of these thugs. Always stay in secure places and in the case of any misadventure inform British a High Commission.


Travel Advice

Please do not travel within country to prohibited areas, risk areas, and be very careful in public places and Coast areas. Carjacking, violence, looting are prevalent on the Airport Road.



The FCO do not advise against travel to Kenya’s popular safari destinations in the national parks. Take care to hire reliable and authentic tour operators. Check rates and prices so that you are not cheated.

There are a number of risks while in Kenya, wildlife and water borne diseases. Tribal clashes also occur in different parts of the country. Travel under police protection and seek prior knowledge of the place before you set off. Clashes and land mines are border towns are common be extra alert and precautions there. Keep in close contact with safety and communication centre. British driving license are valid up to three months. Hire cars and other transport from known and valid operators.

Road conditions and driving standards are often poor, bad roads, badly maintained vehicles, buses hijacked, passengers robbed. Caution, caution all the way.


Rail Travel

Passenger trains run between Nairobi and Kisumu and between Nairobi and Mombasa. Doors can only be locked from the inside. Take care of your belongings while on the train.


Air Travel

Be vigilant at all times when transiting airports.

If you plan to charter a private aircraft, check with the company’s Safety Pilot about the condition of the aircraft and runways to be used.


Sea Travel

Piracy is a significant threat in the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean. Attacks of piracy and armed robbery are successful almost exclusively against shipping which has not complied with agreed shipping industry best practice on self-defence measures, including routing freeboard. All mariners intending to sail through high risk areas should consider alternatives like transporting the vessel by yacht carrier.

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