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    Get your ticket to Abidjan, the heart of the Ivory Coast.

    Abidjan, the economic hub of the Ivory Coast, serves as a popular tourist destination. Many flights from the US fly weekly to Abidjan given the high number of visitors. The most popular airlines include Ethiopian Airlines, South African Airways, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Delta Airlines, Lufthansa, and many others. Both non-stop and connected flights arrive at the Felix Houphuet-Boigny International Airport. Depending on your preference, you can book a ticket to enter the magnificent city.

    Book your ticket to Abidjan with Flyabs.

    Flyabs is the most trusted airline ticket booking service for traveling anywhere across Africa. Abidjan is one of the most oft-visited places in Africa. We collaborate with the best-in-class agents and ticket wholesalers to get the best price for our clients. We ensure that our clients’ specific requirements about time, shedule and other details are met with to give the perfect itineray. Call us today and talk with our representative to plan your dream holiday.

    Visit Abidjan to experience the amazing hospitality

    If you want to experience exciting adventure, great food, intriguing history and rich culture, Abidjan is your destination. The metropolitan city of the Ivory Coast offers the best beaches, amazing eco-diversity, and exotic food. Be it the local markets or high-rise shopping malls, Abidjan has it all. La Pyramide and St. Paul’s Cathedral are some of the most popular tourist attractions in Abidjan. Book your ticket to Abidjan today with Flyabs and experience the best of nature.

    FAQ about Abidjan

    How many airlines carry flights to Abidjan?

    18 international airlines carry flights to Abidjan from 26 international airports.

    How faraway is the airport from the city center?

    Downtoan Abidjan is just 8 miles away from the airport.

    How many direct flights operate in Abidjan?

    As many as 183 direct flights operate in Abidjan weekly.

    How to get the cheapest flight to Abidjan?

    Flyabs specializes in getting the cheapest ticket to African destinations including Abidjan. Visit the website for more information.

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